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LinkedIn is one of the highly reputed websites on the internet. Now, it has collaborated with Lynda Courses to provide you thousands of courses free for a month. You can join any online course you are looking forward to pursue by clicking the join button above. 


With that said, it’s ok if you are not willing to join the course at first instance, but you can follow my free academic writing course resources below: —

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This course is made available by courtesy of one of the highly reputed websites EDX and the most famous international University, i.e. Berkeley University of California. So, once you complete this course, then come back to this page and also view all the videos given below: —

  1. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write an Essay

  2. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Research Internet to Write Your Essay

  3. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write a Research Paper or Academic Assignment

  4. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write a Business Report

  5. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write a Case Study

  6. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write a Critical Review

  7. CLICK HERE to Learn How to Write a Literature Review

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All of the courses that you join from the banner above will be free for access for a month. Thereafter, you can continue by paying a small fee of around $35 per month. 

Wait before you close this web page, I have this free eBook for you that you can read to know how to write eBooks to bolster your career as an Academic or Article writer and also how you can start selling eBooks to earn lucrative income from home.

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Some FAQs to Clear Your Doubts

How can I learn academic writing?

You can learn academic writing by simply joining this free academic writing course. Go through all the videos on this page to get a better understanding of different types of academic writing.

How can I improve my English academic writing?

The best way to improve your writing skills is to give some online tests, read more and more books, magazines, and articles. You can also follow some brainstorming sessions with your friends and colleagues, while writing some articles and asking your friends to find the mistakes.

Which English course is best?

There are many free online English writing and communication course. You can read this full page to get some more insights.

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