7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?

In this Post, You’ll Learn Some Useful Techniques for How to Research the Internet to Write an Essay?

learn how to write essay 300x225 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?If you are looking forward to learn research using the internet writing, then keep reading. 

The advent of internet has also changed the way you do your research for writing an essay.

Earlier, the students would have to spend lots of time in their libraries and also discuss in detail with their lecturers to write an essay.

But now, researching process has become very easy, after the advent of internet.

However, this same internet has increased the cases of plagiarism, by the students, who would use internet, to copy paste, the content of other scholars.

This practice is prohibited in academic or research using the internet writing, and if you are doing so, then please stop doing it.

This might be the reason, that you are not getting good marks in your assignments or exams.

You cannot use the internet, while giving your exams.

Although, you can use the internet, for your research, while writing an academic assignment or research paper for your assessment.

There are many techniques that you can use to write your essay. 

Welcome back to my free online academic writing course.

In this in this presentation, I should I should tell you about how to research the internet to write an essay.

Researching Using the Internet Writing

How to search internet for the essay topics of your essay.

What you will learn in this presentation: —

    1. How to search the internet for relative content?
    1. How to know which type of essay you need to write?
    1. How to choose the best prompt for good marks? and
    1. How to choose the best content from the internet?
  1. Examining and choosing best prompt.

You would have realized many times, in your school days, that you got low marks than your friend, even after putting your best efforts to write an essay.

One of the common reasons, why teachers provide lower grade, to some students is because that their writing fails, to answer the prompt precisely and specifically.

It doesn’t matter how well you have written your essay, if you are unable to describe the prompt, then you won’t get good marks.

Examining the Prompt

learn essay writing 300x225 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?You have studied in the early presentation, about the different types of essays, that you have to write and also how to write those essays.

Now, once you are sure that you have watched that earlier video carefully, and learn how to write different types of essays, then your next steps to choose the prompt.

Every essay is connected to a unique set of words as follows: —

For example, just like “describe” is connected to descriptive essay.

When you are asked to describe about your favorite day or describe about your favorite job or something like that, then you can understand that it is the descriptive essay.

“Explain” word is connected to informative essay.

For example, when you are we are asked to write about – explain your favorite book, or explain your favorite sports, then you can understand from the prompt and the title that you have to write an informative essay, about about your favorite book, or about your favorite sports.

Similarly, the word “convince” is connected to persuasive essay.

For example, when you are asked to write an essay, about how the internet is changing the behavior of teenagers, and convince the readers how internet is changing the behavior of teenagers. This is an example of persuasive essay.

When you are asked to compare and contrast in the title, then it is analytical essay.

For example, compare and contrast about the recent financial condition of India, like why the rupees is losing its power over the dollar.

Then, you can understand that this is the analytical essay, where you have to analyse the situation, and to write about that particular topic.

The final word is “narrate” that is related to narrative essay.

For example, narrate a story of your best school days, or narrate a story about the last cricket match that you have seen.

Let’s proceed to the next slide.

Choosing and Following the Prompt

essay writing research 300x225 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?Once you understand the prompt, by  examining the title of your essay, then your next task is to choose a best approach to research using the internet writing.

Before you start writing, you must consider the word limit inside your mind, because you have to search the relevant material on the Internet, depending upon the word limit of your essay.

If you are asked to write an essay of less than Thousand Words, then you can simply search for the topic directly on Google.

Google is the best search engine for doing any Research, and you must used it for your research.

I am suggesting you to use Google because it is the best site and it has the greatest database, and don’t use a any other search engine, because Google has best algorithms that can provide you the best search results.

For example, suppose that you have asked about writing on – “Does social media create an isolation?”

Then, you can simply search for the keyword title plus essay, i.e.  “does social media create isolation” plus essay, as show in the figure below: —

essay research 300x292 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?

Keep in your mind that you have to choose the essay, that you can easily rewrite in your own words, and don’t just copy paste, because it should be plagiarism, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited, by most of the Universities.

So, this is the search results for this particular keyword.

You can also add an essay in the search, for particular keyword and don’t go with the only the first result.

Visit at least more than 3 to 4 links in the search result, and choose the essay, that is easy to read and rewrite in your own words.

Just take some common ideas from the essay, and then write it in your own words.

This approach is best suitable for essays that have thousand or less words. However, if you are willing to write an essay of more than 1000 words, then you can follow the approach provided in the next slide.

If you are asked to write about more than thousand words, then you have to try some more search terms, that can help you get some more insights about the topic.

In that case, you can use the search term – “title plus PDF” i.e., “Does social media create isolation” plus PDF in the search, as shown in the figure below: — 

essay research2 300x290 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?

There are many government and educational websites, that upload a whole research paper on the websites in the form of a PDF file, that you can easily search with this search term.

As you can see on this search results that there are many PDF files available for the essay that you are looking to write.

You must visit at least 2 to 3 search results and choose the best suitable PDF file for writing your essay.

If you are a management student, then you can also search the database of our website, from the search box provide at the upper right corner.

There are more than hundreds of research papers, available on various management topics on this website.

Make a Rough Draft

essay2 writing 300x200 - 7 Tricks to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays?

Make a rough draft!

Before you finally start research using the internet writing for essay, you must make a rough draft of your essay.

You can can choose the below format to write a simple essay.

So, this is the format for writing a simple essay.


Once you search the internet for the topic, then write 1 to 2 paragraphs in introduction section, and try the use your own words.

Your introduction should tell the reader, about the issues and main thesis augment of the essay.

Body part.

Here you can explain the main issue and write paragraphs, depending upon the word limit of your essay.

Try to keep the sentences short.

Because, when you write very long sentences you can make some grammatical and typo errors in the long sentences.

So, try to make the sentence as short as possible.

So that the readers can love to read that essay.

In the body part 2, you can put some examples and justification, and write one or two paragraphs to explain the importance of the title of the essay.


This is the general format that you can use for writing about the 500 to 1500 words essay.

You can increase the paragraphs in the main body part and then in the introduction and conclusion, depending upon the size of your essay.

Remember that this is only rough view of your essay, and you have to use your mind and reasoning for different topics.

Use the second search term, i.e., title + PDF, while searching for writing more than Thousand Words essay.

Use this sample rough draft, to make a rough draft for your essay, and mention the different topics, after deleting the bullet points.

For example, you can write an essay on does social media creates isolation, by putting forward some issues like “Social media is the best way to stay connected with childhood friend, however, excess use of it can create isolation.”

Then, you can proceed with this issue, in the body parts, and explain the main issue in your body part 1, and make some counter arguments in the body part 2.

You can put some evidence in your body part from the recent news like “Recently a girl went into depression, with the over exposure of social media.”

And provide your arguments and counter arguments about this new and issue.

You can put your own thoughts and reasoning that the girl went into depression, with the over exposure.

Then write, what are the implications of this kind of issue.

Finally, we can write a conclusion, like by mentioning the main points of your essay, while putting a positive note, like social media is not bad, but parents have to keep an eye on the children while they use it.

So, this was the presentation to teach you about research using the internet writing.

You Can See the Following Video to Learn More About These Essay Writing Techniques

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