5 Easy Steps How to Write a Business Report [Most Easy Way]

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I should tell you, how to write effective business report.

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What You’ll Learn in this Post?

1. Understanding, the main purpose of business report writing.
2. Understanding, the basic structure of report writing.
3. Learning how to take a better approach for business report writing.
4. Understanding, what is the main motivation, behind writing a report. and finally,
5. Understanding the main requirements of business report writing.

What is a Business Report?

business letter writing 300x236 - 5 Easy Steps How to Write a Business Report [Most Easy Way]

A business report is usually written, for providing suggestions, recommendations, and making a decision for a specific situation or problem.

For example, suppose that you are the manager of an MNC, and your company wants to expand business in other country, then the company would ask you to provide a business report, in order to provide brief information and suggestions, about the prevailing issues.

Many times, the requirements of your business report, are already been provided in the details file of assignment.

If not, then you can use the basics standard structure, explain in this post. You can see the video at the last of this post, for more insights, about the structure.

Business report writing is a responsibility, and you must use your writing and management skills, to write the business report, for your University or company.

Planning Your Business Report

You must make a strategic plan, before you finally begin writing your business report.

Following are some main questions that you can ask yourself for planning: —

First question is – What is the main purpose behind writing this report?

Second question – Who will read this report?

Third question – What is the main motivation behind asking to write this report?

If you are a University student, then you should have asked to write a report, in order to understand, what is the level of your skills, that you have learnt during your graduation program.

Read the details file of your assignment carefully, before planning and structuring your business report.

Following is the standard structure of any business report.

business report examples students 300x225 - 5 Easy Steps How to Write a Business Report [Most Easy Way]

A memorandum of covering letter.
A title page.
An executive summary.
Table of contents.
Body Part.
Findings and discussion. and finally

You can follow the basic body part details, described in the essay video of this free course.

You can also search the database of this website, which contains hundreds of management papers and business reports.

Cover Letter of Memorandum

So, the first one is covering letter or memorandum.

Cover letter or memorandum is often written, to introduce the main issue and purpose of the business report, to the reader.

It is possible that a reader is from outside organisation, so a letter form is generally preferred in such cases.

Memorandum style is used when the readers are from within the organisation.

This part should: —

  • First of all, remind the reader about the request, that they would have made for the business report.
  • Secondly, introduce the main purpose of the report.
  • Third step, acknowledge any assistance. And finally,
  • Indicate about any future actions that are required.

Title Page

A title page includes the general information, about your business report.

Like the title, author information, course number, etc.

You must use the standard referencing style, for making the title page, that you are being asked in the assignment details, like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.

Executive Summary

It might be possible, that the report you are sending to the person, is busy and might not be willing to read the full report at first.

So, an executive summary is necessary for your business report, that should reflect the main purpose, and provide an overview, of your business report.

Your executive summary should not be longer than a single page, and the reader should quickly grasp the report’s main purpose, key recommendations, and conclusion.

Write your executive summary, after completing the whole report, so that you can provide precise information about your report.

Table of Contents

business report sample 300x200 - 5 Easy Steps How to Write a Business Report [Most Easy Way]

Table of contents is the table, that contains the main headings of a business report.

It can be generated by the Microsoft Word’s automatic table generator, after you finish writing a business report.


The introduction of your business report, should introduce the main purpose and issues.

Your introduction should: —

First of all, briefly describe the context of your business report.

Second, Identify the general subject matter and issues.

Third, properly describe the issues and problems discussed in the main report.

Fourth part is, to preview the basic report structure, and finally,

Fifth part is, comments on basic assumptions made in the business report.

In the body part, you can elaborate the issues that you’ve discussed in the introduction part, while providing your own views about the topic.

Increase the word limit of your body part, depending upon the word limit of your business report.


Following points should be remembered while writing a conclusion: —

First, summarise and interpret the findings of a business report.

Second, relate the conclusion to the report and its main motivation.

Third, do not introduced any new issue or topic in your Conclusion and limit the conclusion.

And Finally, avoid any type of exaggeration or manipulation of data.


Recommendation is as important as conclusion, in your business report.

Recommendation of your business report, reflects the future strategies, that the company should apply to successfully tackle the issue.

It provides an idea about the actions, recommended for the future implementation.

You must provide precise suggestions in your Recommendation, so that the problems or issues will be resolved.

Try to avoid using conditional words in your recommendation, like “maybe” or “perhaps.”

Also describe, how the company is going to implement your recommendations.

Findings and Discussion


This part is the main part of your business report, that should provide a brief information about the issues you are mentioning, in your business report.

It should also present your ideas, strategies, or findings that you have made during the research.

This part should provide enough information, analysis, and evidence, to support the Conclusion and recommendations of business report.

Divide your findings and discussions in easy to read logical parts, so that the reader can easily able to understand, what you want to convey.

Explain any Framework, that you have used for the analysis of your business report.

Next part, references has already been discussed in the essay video of this free academic writing course.

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