5 Steps to Write a Critical Review [Most Easy Way]

There are many International Universities that may ask you to write a critical review

If you are a student, alumni, or a full time freelance academic writer, then you must learn how to write a critical review, to get good marks in your assessments and examinations. 

So, in this post, I will tell you how to write a critical review.

Choosing the best approach for writing a Critical Review

What you will learn in this presentation video.

critical review writing 300x225 - 5 Steps to Write a Critical Review [Most Easy Way]1. What is a critical review?

2. Why you are being asked to write a critical review?

3. Best structure and approach for writing a critical review.

4. Important tips for writing a critical review.

So, what actually is a critical review.

A critical review is much more than a simple summary.

As the name itself suggests, you have to write the analysis of literature, by criticizing the views of the author, in your own style.

Meanwhile, providing some arguments, in support and against the views of the authors.

Join the Best Computer Courses - 5 Steps to Write a Critical Review [Most Easy Way]Writing a good critical review, depends how effectively, you understood the views of the author.

You must also know, how to analyse and evaluate the literature, by using appropriate criteria.

Some tips for writing a Critical Review

First part is, Reading

Reading is the crucial part of writing a good critical review.

Before you start writing, read through all the relevant literature of the topic.

It is not enough to read, what the author is saying in the literature, but you must challenge his views.

Try to argue the findings of the author, and criticize his views used as much as possible.

Second part is, Analysis

Read and analyse all the aspects of the author, like the structure, methods, reason, evidence Conclusion, and especially the logical connections, between all the different aspects of the Literature.

After you read the full literature, then try to put your own thoughts, in the literature, that should be either in the favor, or against the views of the author.

Third part is, Writing

Before you start writing your critical review, you must make a thesis, depending upon the literature, that you have read.

A strong thesis, can attract the readers, to read the full critical review and acknowledge the strength and limitations.

You must ensure, that the thesis you are presenting in your views, must answer the requirements of your assignment.

If you are asked, to write about a single text or topic, then limit your writing precisely to that topic, and don’t add any extra topic, in your critical review.

In case of more than one literature, try to relate all the literature, with your thesis, and the review should address, the main concerns of your assignment.

Choose the best structure to suit the requirements, and limitations of your assignment.

If your assignment doesn’t asks for any particular structure, then you can use the standard structure discussed in this presentation, in the coming slides.

Some common parts of a Critical Review

First part is, Introduction

While writing the introduction, of your critical review, you have to work as a reporter, and report the detailing of literature, that you have read, and their significance for the thesis on topic.

Present your thesis in this part, and elaborate about it, and write a few sentences about it.

Second part is, Evaluation

Evaluation is the main part of your critical review, where your main motivation is to work like a judge, and judge the literature, you have chosen, depending upon following main points.

critical review 256x300 - 5 Steps to Write a Critical Review [Most Easy Way]1. Accuracy of formation.
2. Definition of key terms.
3. Hidden assumptions.
4. Clarity of language.
5. Logic and organisation.
6. Fairness.

Third part of critical review is, Response

Response is the main part of a critical review, where you should put your own views, about the various literature, that you have read.

You can consider following points while writing the response.

1. Whether you agree or disagree with the findings of the Literature.
2. What does the author get right or wrong.
3. What precise merit or use this work has.
4. Whether you are willing to recommend this research, as a credible source for the topic or thesis.

Your response is like a miniature essay, where you put your own views, about the literature topic.

Your thesis is your opinion about the work.

The main points of response, must support the opinion expressed in your thesis, and in the introduction.

Finally, fourth part is, Conclusion

The conclusion of your critical review should contain following points.

1. You must remind your readers, about the overall importance of the topic in your conclusion.
2. Combine your rating with persona response, to focus on our strength and weaknesses.
3. State what you believe the ultimate success of the work.

You must also include a small Abstract, or small summary after the cover page of the assignment.

You can write this, after you complete the whole critical review.

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 You Can See the Full Video Presentation to Learn How to Write a Critical Review Below


Q1 – How do you write a critical review?

Ans – The best way to write a critical review is to read the full literature review 1 or 2 times and write down the main topics that you can criticize. Then write the review considering your own opinion, while judging the positive and negative points of the author in your own words.

Q2 – How do you write a critical review for a research paper?

Ans – Writing a critical review for research paper has same method, but you must emphasize on the quality of your words and size of sentences. Don’t use very long or very short sentences. Keep the language simple and easy to read and understand. Provide citations for the works you are referencing everywhere.

Q3 – What are the steps to write a critical review?

1. Try to understand why you are being asked to write a critical review.
2. Read the article 1-2 times until you understand the pros and cons and write down main points.
3. Make a proper thesis statement before starting to write your review.
4. Write proper introduction including the thesis.
5. Write evaluation part while judging the pros and cons of paper in your own perspective.
6. Put your own views as a response to the article.
7. Provide conclusion while explaining the overall importance of article.

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