How to Write a Literature Review Research Paper the Most Easy Way

What is a Literature Review and How to Write it Easily?

Welcome back friends, in this post, I will teach you, how to write a literature review research paper.

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What you will learn in this Post?

1. Learning how to understand the basic requirements of writing a literature review.
2. Choosing the best approach for researching and writing a literature review.
3. Understanding, how literature review is different from other research papers, and academic assignments.
4. Understanding how to write the introduction, findings, discussion, and conclusion, for the literature review.

So, what actually a literature review is?

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A literature review is basically a review, or overall summary, that you have to write about the topic, Research question, hypothesis, or theory.

It can provide a background analysis of any larger work, research, or theory, that may include your own opinions.

For example, if you have been asked to write a literature review about – “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”

Then you have to search the internet, and choose some research papers, that should support this topic statement.

Different types of literature reviews

There are basically three different types of literature reviews as follows.

Book review: — Book review refers to the analysis and evaluation, of a particular book or novel. You generally have to describe, the various aspects of the book, in your own words, in this type of literature review.

Annotated Bibliography: — In this type of literature review, you have to summarize relevant sources, related to the topic, and explain the significance of these sources, from the context of the topic, research, theory, or hypothesis in consideration.

Finally, the third one is the general literature review: — In this type of review, you have to analyse all literature, relevant to your topic or hypothesis, and determine what is known and unknown about the topic.

Basic features of a literature review

Following are some basic features of a literature review.

The first one is introduction: — 

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Introduction is the beginning part of every literature review, where have to put your thesis, topic, or hypothesis statement, and explain what is main motivation for writing the literature review, from the context of the research, theory, topic, or hypothesis.

For example when you are writing about smoking, then you introduce, why you have chosen this topic, and what should be discussed about it in this literature review.

Second one is findings: — 

Findings are basically mentioned in general literature review and annotated Bibliography, where have to choose the research papers of other researchers.

And explain, what they have found in their research.

Third part is discussion: — 

Discussion is the brief discussion about the topic, theory, book, or hypothesis, depending upon the findings of the research paper, that you have chosen for your analysis.

You can put your own views in this section.

Finally, the fourth part is conclusion: — 

Conclusion is the basic conclusion of your literature review paper, where you have to summarize the findings, of the research papers, that you have discussed in the main review.

If your literature review is about a hypothesis, and you’ve found that most of the papers are either supporting or negating the main hypothesis, then make conclusive remarks about the findings of the papers, and overall positive or negative result of the hypothesis, in general.

You can also end your conclusion in a positive note.

Common tips for writing a literature review

Gathering sources

Focusing on your topic: —

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A literature review, is a collection of all relevant research papers for particular topic, theory, or hypothesis, where you also have to put your own views.

You must focus on your topic, and choose the relevant research papers, for your literature review.

Reading with a purpose: — 

A good literature review should also reflect your particular style of writing, analysing, and presenting the topic.

You must isolate key issues, that interest you as a writer.

Evaluating sources

For every book, research paper, or Article, that you are choosing, consider the following basic points.

1. Check the credentials of your source, and always try to choose Peer reviewed journal articles, or research papers. Check whether the author of the people is an expert or not.
2. Check whether the evidences support your conclusion or not. Also check, whether an argument of evidence is complete or not.
3. While comparing sources always take papers that support your topic, hypothesis or theory.

So my dear friends!

This was the post to teach you how to write a literature review.

Thank you students! and have a nice time.

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  1. Pedro hep said:

    In general, a review of the literature should neither be a public relations brochure nor an exercise in competitive self-denial. If a reviewer is up to the job of producing a well-organized and methodical review, which flows well and provides a service to the readership, then it should be possible to be objective in reviewing one’s own relevant findings. In reviews written by multiple authors, this may be ach e ieved by assigning the review of the results of a coauthor to different coauthors.
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    December 16, 2018

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