7 Tricks for Easy Way to Write a Research Paper [Most Easy Way]

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academic assignment writing2018 300x200 - 7 Tricks for Easy Way to Write a Research Paper [Most Easy Way]Easy way to write a research paper is not an easy task, especially when you don’t know everything about the topic you are provided with.

I have seen many students who fail in their assignments and exams, just because they don’t know the exact flow of writing an academic assignment.

These students never learn the easy way for how to research the internet to write your paper?

In fact, sometimes they adopt some unlawful means like plagiarism, to complete their assignments.

Remember that you must learn the proper technique for how to write a paper, if you are really serious about your career.

Or else what would be the output of the efforts put by you and your parents, in pursuing your studies.

So, if you are really serious about how to learn the most effective way of writing the research paper, then please read this full post, and don’t forget to see our video also.

Learning How to Write a Research Paper or Academic Assignment the Most Easy Way

What you are going to learn in this post to learn the easy way to write a research paper, are as follows: —

1. Understanding the basic approach for academic writing.
2. How to do research for writing the academic assignment.
3. Analysing the requirements and doing extensive research.
4. Developing an argument and following it further.
5. Planning and drafting, before the final writing process. And finally
6. How to insert citations and references.

Some basic considerations for academic writing.

research paper outline 300x225 - 7 Tricks for Easy Way to Write a Research Paper [Most Easy Way]So, before you start your academic writing, or a research paper writing, there are many considerations that you have to keep inside your mind.

Some of these considerations of writing an academic assignment, are somewhat similar to writing an essay.

Although there are quite a few differences in some different types of academic assignments.

When any university ask you to write an academic assignment, then it provides most of the requirements for assignment in the details file.

Some of the common considerations, for any academic assignment are as follows: —

So, the very first consideration is the word limit.

The second consideration is the different types of referencing style, like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

Third one is what type of assignment you are given to write, like a literature review, critical review, case study, report, etc.

The fourth consideration is, how old your references will be.

Some universities ask you to site only the references, that should be not before a particular date, e.g. the research papers that should not be before 2008.

You will see some of the commonly asked assignments in the paragraph.

There may be many kind of academic and research paper writings that a University can ask you to write, but there are basically five main types of assignments as shown in the figure.

As you can see in the figure, there are five main type of academic assignments, i.e. essay, critical review, literature review, report, and case study.

You already would have seen the essay assignment writing in the earlier video, if not, then you can click on the home page, and then click on the very first link, given below the video, see all the earlier videos, to get more insights about this free academic writing course. 

Following are some common grammatical and syntax considerations: —

First one is, always write your paper with a third person perspective, and never used I, We, You, or They in the paper.

You can use he, she, individual, or person, while pointing to any particular person or thing.

Always use present tense while using the views of writer in your assignment.

writing research paper 300x225 - 7 Tricks for Easy Way to Write a Research Paper [Most Easy Way]For example, use “Shakespeare suggests that” instead of “Shakespeare suggested that” it has been assumed in every literature that any argument, statement, or hypothesis put by the writer, is latest.

And that’s why the present tense is used.

Use short sentences in your paper that should be easily understood by every person.

Never try to copy and paste content from other websites, research papers, or any other types of resources, because that should be plagiarism, which is strictly prohibited in easy way to write a research paper.

If you are using other sources, then properly rephrase the content as much as you can, and try to add your own views and styles in that content.

Always put the proper citations, while using the content from other papers, websites, or any other resources.

Always put the citations before the full stop, and always use University standard citation and referencing style.

Some factors to consider: — 

Purpose: — So, before you start writing your research paper, there are also some factors that you keep in mind, that should really help you to write a proper assignment and research paper.

It can help you, gain good marks in your exams.

Ok, purpose is the main consideration for writing any paper.

Purpose means what is the main motivation behind writing this paper.

Do you want to provide information, put your views, or simply want to check a hypothesis.

Audience: — Audience refers to the main audience of your paper.

Who is going to read your essay?

If you are writing a report, then you can use technical terms that should be understood by the analysts of your report.

Use common writing styles in essay, when your readers are common people.

Structure: — Structure is so far, one of the greatest aspects of any Research or Academic paper.

If your paper has an obscure, or unorganized structure, then the readers would not be interested to read your overall paper.

So, consider the following points while creating structure: —

Carefully read the assignment details file, and check for assessment task, explanatory notes and other details required.

Try to think why you are being asked to write this assignment, and what are the learning objectives of this assignment.

The main motivation, behind providing you any kind of assignment, or research paper writing, by the university, is to understand, how much a student has learn that particular skill.

Third point is check the marking criteria details, and think of the best approach for getting good marks.

Fourth point is, ask for any further clarifications from your lecturer, if you have any doubt in your mind.

Fifth point is, read the details of research analytically and carefully, before making the final structure.

Sixth point is, make the structure of your assignment, depending whether it is in an essay, report, literature review, or a critical review.

Seventh point is, keep the word limit in mind before making the structure.

Researching the Internet for Writing

how to write research paper 300x225 - 7 Tricks for Easy Way to Write a Research Paper [Most Easy Way]The content, that you need for writing your research paper, can be easily searched on the internet.

You can use the online research papers and websites, to get help for writing your research paper.

Use relevant keywords, to do your research.

Some techniques of doing online research are discussed in the earlier videos of this free course.

You can use website content, if your paper is small.

Otherwise, you can search the internet, for PDF files, as described in the earlier video.

You can also use the research papers, available on this website, if you are a management student.

The Writing Process

As you can see in the image, the writing process is described with the help of the circle.

You must use this process in the clockwise direction, to write your research paper, for the best results.

You have to follow the steps, shown in the above figure for your writing process.

The first step is analyse the question.

In this step, try to analyse the question, topic, or hypothesis of the research paper.

Try to understand what is being asked, and how to provide the proper solution for it.

Second step is research and reading.

In this step, do proper reading and investigation for finding the solution for the question, topic, or hypothesis.

If you have a question to answer, then simply find the answer for it.

In case of topic, find relevant content supporting the topic, or provider information about the topic.

In case of hypothesis, try to find research paper supporting the hypothesis.

Third step is to develop an argument.

In this step, you must develop an argument and its supporting content.

In case of essays, literature reviews, or critical reviews.

For example, if you are asked to write about poverty, then you must provide an argument like: —

“Poverty is not beneficial, for the development of society and economy.”

And then you can proceed your paper, further on this argument.

Fourth step is plan and draft.

In this step, make a proper plan, for what should be written in your assignment paper, and what you have to consider.

Fifth step is the writing process

In this step, once you have prepared for the above four steps properly, the writing can become really easy for you.

Provide an attractive topic sentence, for every paragraph, in your writing.

Then, elaborate the sentence, by giving more examples, from other sources, and expand your discussion.

While putting your own thoughts, on the topic.

At the end of every paragraph, try to put a conclusive statement.

Your final step in writing a research paper or academic assignment is editing, citing, and proofreading.

Editing, citing, and proofreading are the last, but most important aspects, in the process of writing an academic assignment or research paper.

You can use any spell checker software like Ginger of Grammarly.

However, proofreading the research paper yourself, is mandatory, after the automatic check.

Since many mistakes are not generally checked by the software.

For example, when you write “principal” instead of “principle,” and other such kinds of errors.

When you citing the sources, then always put citings, before the full stop.

You can use the automatic reference generator of Microsoft Word, for mentioning the reference, used in your research paper.

So Friends!

This was the presentation, for learning easy way to write a research paper.

You can refer to the main website, for more details.

Thank you!

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