Detailed Marketing Plan for Ingogo: Australian App Cab Services

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Igogo is one of the most innovative app cab services provider company in Australia. Ingogo is looking forward to make a reputation among some of the giant companies in this business like Uber, Grab, and Hailo Taxi. This marketing plan for Ingogo has been written to provide a detailed insight about the best practices that the company can implement in its advertising and marketing strategy. Some common aspects of marketing like market segmentation, targeting, position, marketing and financial objectives, marketing mix strategy, and budget allocation plan are discussed in detail in this marketing plan, while considering the motivations of Ingogo.

1.0  Introduction

Ingogo is an Australian based taxi services, similar to that of Uber that provides taxi riding services through its Smartphone applications. It was founded by the Australian entrepreneur Hamish Petrie in the year 2003. Some app based taxi services like Uber were becoming famous in the Australian States few years earlier, but these services have some flaws that the CEO of Ingogo, Hamish had recognized. For instance, the rate of most app based taxi services was not fixed and there were also extra charges for traffic jams and tolls. Therefore, Hamsih had introduced his new app based taxi services, while trying to mitigate the issues of fare, which were prevailing in other app based taxi services.This marketing plan has been written to understand the existing demand/supply gap, prevailing within some of the major States of Australia; related to app based taxi services. This marketing plan will provide the detailed analysis and recognition of the existing issues in the Australian market; related to the app based taxi services (Ingogo, 2018).

2.0 Situation Analysis

It was recognized in this case that some giant app based taxi service companies, like Uber were not giving much preference to the convenience of the Australian consumers, while charging a high prices for the taxi rides. These taxi service providers were also charging hefty prices for tolls and traffic jams. Moreover, they were not giving surety of the taxi drivers of reaching in the meantime for the rides.

The client Australian company Ingogo is looking forward to mitigate the existing issues of fares and services in the Australian market, through the implementation of its GPS enabled app based booking system. Ingogo is looking forward to compete with other giant companies like Uber, Hailo Taxi, and Grab in the Australian market, while consolidating its position as a more efficient and reliable app based taxi services provider. Ingogo is looking forward to benefit from the existing gap, while also making a decent profit over the current market condition (Glöss, McGregor, & Brown, 2016).

3.0 Strategies for Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

3.1 Problem Statement

Ingogo is a startup company, with an annual revenue earning of around $1.3 million for the fiscal year 2016-17 and employee strength of around 128. It is for sure true that Ingogo has not enough investment budget to compete with the giant app cab service providers in Australia like Uber, Hailo Taxi, Grab etc. However, it can create a unique position in the market, by providing some extra benefits and competitive pricing strategy. Ingogo can take benefit of the latest technologies and internet to increase its presence in the market. It can use some cheap and effective ways of advertising like internet marketing, Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for its Web 2.0 and social networking channels to increase its presence.

Depending upon the recent market conditions and the existing issues in the app based taxi services, following mission and vision are advised to the Ingogo: —

Vision – “To bring an excellency in the market of app based taxi services, with the help of latest GPS technology and Smartphones.”

Mission – “To help the organization to achieve the zenith of success and profit maximization with the help of providing competitive pricing structure and efficient and reliable services to the customer.”

There are many opportunities for Ingogo from the fact that most Australian people are now going for one or the other type of app based taxi services, because they are flexible, reliable, and cheap. These taxi drives are also safe because the location of the taxi can be seen live on the app of the Ingogo Smartphone. So, there are many opportunities for Ingogo, to become a market leader in providing taxi services in Australia.

3.2 Potential Market Segments

3.2.1 Target Market Analysis

The services provided by the Ingogo are basically for the Smartphone users that can use the apps available in the various Smartphone devices easily. It is estimated that there are around 20 million Smartphone users in Australia, who generally lives in some of the major metropolitan cities of the country. Ingogo will target these Smartphone users, especially the younger generation because of their varied choices of transportation (Gonzalez-Padron, 2017). Following table defines the demographic, psychographic, and behavior traits of the target market consumers of Ingogo.

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