How to Get SBI Clerk Free Mock Test [Best Trick]

Welcome friends! If you are looking for the best way to get SBI clerk free mock test or SBI PO mock test, then please read my full post.

It also has many other details that you may need.

An Overview of SBI Clerk Exams

SBI is one of the largest banking organizations in India and ranked as one of the world’s biggest corporations among the top 216 organizations.

SBI provides a good remuneration packages to all of its employees and don’t think that if you are applying for clerical exams, then you’ll lose opportunities to get higher positions in SBI or other banks.

SBI organizes yearly promotion opportunities to all its employees; including the employees working in the clerical position, so, you’ll easily get a promotion, while working in clerical position.
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This year is also crucial for the students and aspirants who are willing to join SBI as a clerical or PO (Probationary Officer) position because SBI is recruiting many employees in both the clerical and PO positions.

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Information About SBI Clerical Exams

The application process for the SBI Clerical Exams has already completed on January 2019 and now you can wait for your admit card that would be released by 6th of June 2019.

However, the dates are supposed to change because of the general Lok Sabha Elections.

So, I suggest you keep visiting the official website for more update information.

The preliminary exams for the SBI clerical position are scheduled on 23, 24, and 30 June 2019.

The results of preliminary exams will be declared by July 2019 and the candidates who have qualified will have to further appear for the main exams on 5th of August 2019.

So, you would have to prepare for your preliminary exams in the upcoming few months.

Click the below button to access the full yearly SBI Clerk Free Mock Test: —

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Information About SBI PO Exams

The position of SBI Probationary Officer is somewhat a good position than clerical.

SBI is going to fill up around 2000 vacancies of SBI PO for the year 2019 and that’s why it is going to conduct the exams for this purpose.

You still have some time to apply for the SBO PO Exams whose application process will begin on 3rd week of April 2019.

The admit cards for the applicants will be released by 3rd week of June 2019 and exams are scheduled on first week of July 2019.

The candidates who pass the preliminary exams would have to further appear for the main exams on first week of August 2019.

So, if you’ve missed the SBI clerical exams 2019, then you can apply for the SBI PO exams 2019.
cshow - How to Get SBI Clerk Free Mock Test [Best Trick]

How to Get SBI Clerk Free Mock Test or SBI PO Mock Test?

So, now let’s come to the main topic for which you’ve come to this post.

If you are looking for the SBI clerk free mock test, then you’ve dropped at the good place. Just copy the below code and follow the steps: —

Copy anyone of these codes –

  1. B07N947VJW
  3. TE9I49AW9
  4. R14TMJZKV
  5. 92SFCJJLB
  6. 0D7KM2L0M
  7. TDSKJ72AR

Now follow these steps: —

Step 1: Visit (or visit >eCards>Promo) to activate your course.

Step 2: Log in using your Registered email id and then click on PROMO

Step 3: Enter the 9-digit Activation code from the list of valid codes shown earlier. Try all 7 codes because there are chances that someone else would have used one of them. 

Step 4: Enter the 6-digit Pin code of your Local Area if asked.

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You can check whether anyone of the following codes are working. Anyway, you can also buy this free offer by CLICKING HERE or clicking the image below: —

You can use the code FREE7DAYS to get this offer free of cost or 

You can buy this mock test series for around 7 days for only INR 50/-

If you need more time to give the mock tests of both the SBI clerical and SBI PO mock test, then you can buy the yearly subscription for discounted price of around INR 333/-. Click the below subscribe button to buy the full one year subscription of SBI PO Mock Test: — 

subscribte 300x87 - How to Get SBI Clerk Free Mock Test [Best Trick]

I would suggest you visit the website right now and buy the yearly subscription because prices may rise at any time.
cshow - How to Get SBI Clerk Free Mock Test [Best Trick]
 So, guys! This was my post about SBI clerk free mock test. If you have any opinions and suggestions, then you are welcome to comment below.




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