SWOT Analysis of Current ICT Service by Infosys India

Difference Between Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture

Enterprise architecture is made for the whole enterprise whereas IT architecture is for the technology of that organization. Enterprise architecture is considered as a generalized discipline that consists of entire scope of the enterprise including some other domains like supply-chain, market and overall business-ecosystem. Enterprise architecture comprises of strategic business architecture, enterprise business architecture, and enterprise technical architecture. This domain architecture is further divided into other sub-domains that links to all other three main domain architectures intrinsically.

Enterprise architecture is a strategic level tool that helps the organization to develop a goal for a business entity with a foundation for execution. The foundation of enterprise architecture is its process of operating various strategies, operating models, and capabilities that can indicate how and when an organization is going to get the desired results in its current state to its desired end state (Anything Enterprise Architecture, 2010).

IT architecture is one of the tools of Enterprise architecture that provides an automated processing of information. IT architecture is generally used to develop a blue print to decide the future acquisitions that should take place in the given enterprise. IT architecture can be used to decompose a particular business problem into a set of systems and sub-systems that should be controlled by the automated use of computer systems to identify the role between each other. It also provides some governance models and aspects to change the management and quality assurance. Some of the major concerns of IT architecture are as follows: —

  • Technology governing processes to ensure IT standards.
  • Technology life cycle management using standard management.
  • Deployment of technology like servers, products, devices, and softwares.
  • Technology reference architecture for future technology reference.

swot analysis Infosys 300x222 - SWOT Analysis of Current ICT Service by Infosys India

SWOT Analysis

Organisation: Infosys Technologies.            Date: 6th September 2017

Infosys is the largest IT services provider that deals in providing business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services, having its headquarters at Bangalore, India. Infosys swot analysis the third largest IT based services provider in terms of revenue per annum. They have revenue of $31.11 billion USD.  Infosys announced their IPO in Feb 1993 having an offer price of INR 98 per share with a booking value of INR 10 per share.

Description of current/new ICT service:

 Infosys is providing IT services in design and delivery of IT enabled business solutions to its clients in North America, Europe, and Asia pacific regions. Infosys is providing customized business solution software to their clients. The project in which Infosys is engaged varies in size and duration. They have a wide range of services span from mainframe, client-server, internet, to mobile technologies. The main technology platforms that Infosys swot analysis use for their application developments are Microsoft .Net, J2EE, and Linux. Infosys also provide a maintenance and production support to their clients who use their applications and softwares.

Infosys use a proactive approach to provide extensive software maintenance, by focusing on long term functionality and preventive maintenance to avoid future problems of incomplete or short-term solutions. Infosys use a software life cycle process to first of all understand the need of their client and initialize the project after the final documentation of the software or application. This way the quality and usability of the applications they make is ensured and future problems of incomplete application, short-term application or bugs can be removed (Infosys Technologies Limited Fundamental Company, 2014).

Infosys has a good presence in providing a user-based IT services and applications to their customers who are presented throughout the globe. Infosys is using some new and improved technological approached to meet their customer demands.


§  Infosys has built a positive image in front of their offshore clients by providing quality services and innovation

§  The service portfolio of Infosys is large having some major international companies from retail, oil, and gas etc.

§  The employee strength of Infosys is large having a total of 1,60,000 employees, having a strong presence in India and having offshore delivery centres throughout the globe (SWOT Analysis Infosys).

§  The main concern in Infosys is innovation and they have invested a large amount of $100 million in supporting innovative ideas coming from big data, cloud, and mobility.

§  This company has a good presence having $4 billion in hand and no debts. The company is planning to make some more acquisitions in offshore countries of Europe and Asia pacific.


§  Infosys is lacking strong leadership. Its CEO D. Shibulal is unable to meet the investor’s demand since he takes the seat of CEO in 3rd April 2011.

§  Infosys is having a major decline in growth and margin. In the fiscal year 2013, Infosys has recorded a decline to 37% from 41% which is not good news for their investors.

§  Infosys is also facing a pricing pressure and it is looking to lower the prices of their services to meet the demand of generating growth.

§  Recently, Infosys has shown intangible assets of $2 billion in their balance sheet which is not a good sign and most of them came from acquisitions (Swot analysis : Infosys Technology, 2013).

§  The currency volatility in Euro and Pound affected the business of Infosys to a great extent.


§  Infosys can use emerging technologies like cloud and big data and they have taken some concrete steps to take advantage of that.

§  Infosys has a significant opportunity in product segment and their total booking is about $685 million in this sector.

§  Infosys is looking to do some strategic acquisitions for the development of their company. They have invested a huge amount of $100 million in innovation.


§  The threats of fall in global economy are affecting the business of Infosys. While US economy looks to change, Europe is still having a downturn in as economic crisis.

§  The high competition with their counterparts in the industry has been Infosys to decrease their pricing.

§  Vendor consolidation in the industry is a major concern for this company.

Summary and Recommendations:

Infosys is a third biggest IT development companies in India, having a global presence in the international market and having some big international clients. If this company follow a better infrastructure development for their applications and follow the basic requirements for their clients, then they can increase their presence as an international IT services provider.

It has faced a major fall in shares after the breakdown of USA economy in 2010, but now Infosys swot analysis  is gaining their potential gradually. The company must work in inventing modern technologies to increase their presence as a famous IT services provider. To ensure a proper working of their application and to ensure client satisfaction, Infosys must use extensive software life cycle and modern technologies.

India has a large population and Infosys can hire fresher employees for their organization to increase the working potential of their company. India produces more than 5,00,000 engineers in a single year and companies like Infosys can easily get a good strength of employees as them (Infosys Talk). 

Some new and innovative technologies like cloud computing can really increase the potential of IT services companies like Infosys by providing a user interface to interact with the communication between the clients and employees and establishing a centralized system that should be connected to other servers of the company worldwide. If they use cloud computing, then they won’t have to establish an office at client site and they can demonstrate their software at an instance. 



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